Saturday, October 18, 2008

Books to read to become a Marketing Consultant (in Recommended Order):

  • How to Surprise Your Competition
  • How to Kill the Competition
  • Don’t Focus on Competitors
  • Get Your Customer
  • Know Your Customer
  • Keep Your Customer
  • What To Do When the Customer Starts Leaving
  • Stop Selling, Start Living… Start Marketing
  • Ageless Product, Timeless Profit
  • So What if Your Product Doesn’t Meet Any Consumer Need?
  • Reap First, Sow Later
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Ethics for Newcomers
  • How to be Ethical and Yet Succeed - All New Secrets!
  • Marketing For Dummies
  • Marketing Is For Dummies
  • It’s Not About Marketing!
  • It’s About Brand Building
  • 360 Degree Communication
  • Zen and the Art of Customer Maintenance
Author's note: These books may not be easily available at your friendly neighbourhood bookstore as they are usually sold out. At least, they were when I tried.

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Marketing Consultant Wilmslow said...

Thanks for the list, after losing my last job I've been thinking about if I could make it as a freelance marketing consultant. I've done a little marketing in the past and I think I'll read a book or two to figure out if it's the best course of action.