Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Answering Queries from Willing Victims - II

Have stuck to adverbatim questions so readers can recognize their own. 

Q: Why do you keep leaving 'notes for global readers'?

Me: Hey, c'mon mate, allow me the dream. Besides, I really do have global readers (I hope).

Q: How do I leave a comment anonymously?

Me: Click on the option that says 'Anonymous' in the comment section. If you're not a complete stranger, do leave me a clue that it's you as it's a bit creepy not knowing who it is.

Q: I hate your blog. Is my name in it? I'm going to send you a legal notice.

Me: No, it isn't. No one knows it's you. No one even knows it's me, really. No one cares. So tell your lawyer to take the day off.

Q: I want to leave a comment about how bad it is, but I know you'll delete my comment.

Me: You again? Go ahead, do your worst. No, I won't delete your comments. I can take the bad with the good, buddy.

Q: On second thoughts, writing on your blog would give it importance it doesn't deserve. I wouldn't want to even acknowledge it or demean myself by writing on it.

Me: Sure.

Please note my level of self-deprecation - I've truly included all reader feedback sans editing.

Note to self: The fact that I find it necessary to point this out means that LL has rubbed off on me a bit. 

I have understandably hit writer's block after this critique. So, do bear with me while I recover.


Anonymous said...

why u running two blogs, wordpress and blogger???

Annoymously said...

Anonymous, had started with wordpress first actually. Got here only later as my initial hard-won audience of two use blogger. Don't quite feel like giving wordpress up - it still has vastly superior features and is usually one step ahead with them.