Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just a Random Day at Work

Venue : Boss's cabin, one fine day.

I know you'll excuse the overall poor sketch quality and the fact that I couldn't quite draw the bodies.

Yes, those figures represent people.

The ones without any visible hair are male.

(Click on the image to see it clearly)


Beta said...

Nice one. If you like these kind of articles, check out:

This is now also a published book.

Annoymously said...

There's a long story behind this one. I'd actually doodled a sketch like this during an extremely boring meeting & my boss found it!!! May not have gotten out of that one with my job still intact if my client hadn't slipped off his shoes and pretended the dig was meant at him and not my boss who WAS minus shoes, plus i hadn't meant to show the sketch to anyone in the first place. My boss swallowed it like a lamb and i got saved!! Ofcourse, all this happened eons ago :-)

Okay i haven't been to that link ever :-) but will check it out. The only inspiration for this was the MAD comics of teenhood. Thanks for responding!

Annoymously said...

Hey thanks a mill, love the site! Used to doodle a lotta stuff like that back in the day. Remembering the sales/ pdt growth charts that we spoofed. Hm, getting "inspired" for other posts.. Oh & was planning to include a lil dinky self doodled image of me just like that too! Damn! someone already got there

Anonymous said...

The illustration is very nice and brings some memories of a similar kind of a room that we(as a Media team) used to visit often..!

Annoymously said...

Ha ha! In case u'd like to add an anon guest article of your experiences at the same plc, feel free :-)